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For 65 years, WWP has always been first and foremost a recycling operation. Our CT recycling services are well recognized by our customers as leaders in recycling everything from traditional material streams (mixed paper, corrugated, scrap metals, bottles and cans) to highly specialized commodities including special fiber grades, plastics, prepared ferrous and non-ferrous metal grades

Paper Recycling

Our high technology fiber processing ability employs the best in global technology and marketing. We provide fiber-recycling services to hundreds of customers. One example of the breadth of our services is that 24 municipalities have long-term contracts with us for municipal fiber recycling. Plus, we serve many more communities under short-term arrangements. Read more

Specialty Items

Recycling uses old materials and goods to recreate them into new and valuable materials saving energy and costs as well as reducing pollution and landfill waste. So the more we can all recycle the better. That's why we pride ourselves on helping you recycle even the most unusual material. Read more

Scrap Metals

Our modern scrap metal recycling program serves markets around the world. We pay you the highest prices possible for all types and grades of scrap metal by staying on top of the global marketplace, and then we segregate and prepare metals to meet the best international markets. Whenever possible, we ship by rail to keep costs and fuel consumption down. Read more

Areas We Service

We service the majority of eastern Connecticut towns and counties. If you are a new customer or new to your town, please confirm that we service your town before you request a service.
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Paper Recycling

Curbside Recycling

Specialty items

Scrap Metals

Single Stream

See what items are acceptable during recycling:

Acceptable / Prohibited Materials for Single Stream Recycling - Flyer

Acceptable Single Stream Recycling Material - List

C&D Bulk Waste Recycling

Willimantic Waste's system gives us the flexibility to recover and process a variety of Construction & Demolition (C&D) debris. The recovered material can then be recycled rather than going into a landfill.
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More About C&D Recycling